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eMob Tech is a personal inniciative dedicated to mobile development, where great apps and tools are developed. It was founded by Ernandes Mourão Júnior, a seasoned mobile developer, early in 2010, in order to group all his works in the field (e.g. apps, blogs, open source projects, etc) in a single place.

Latest Updates

07/28/2014: Pit Board v1.0.1 available on the App Store.
07/27/2014: M-Stocks v3.3.1 available on the App Store.
06/30/2014: M-Stocks v3.3.0 available on the App Store.
06/01/2014: New app released: Pit Board - Racing Calendar 2014.
05/19/2014: M-Stocks v3.2.3 available on the App Store.
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See bellow the list of all projects that we have worked on here at eMob Tech. Some of them are our own creations and others clients' ideas that we helped to come true.

Pit Board

Pit Board is the ultimate app for motorsport fans, who want to stay tuned on the racing calendar of the world’s main championships in 2014. With a thematic user interface that resembles the famous boards shown to drivers, Pit Board presents the main information about each race, e.g., name, date, time (local), location, circuit, duration, number of laps, etc., in a simple and objective way.

iOS, Objective-C

Pit Board: Racing Calendar 2014 - eMob Tech


Chi Walking, the best-selling fitness walking book, is now an iPhone App to help you combine fitness, fun and fat-burning. Whether you’re returning from illness or injury, want to lose weight, or you’re walking in a fundraising event – this app will motivate and support you every step of the way!

This app was developed for ChiWalking in partnership with Hand Eye Tech.

iOS, Objective-C, Core Location, AVFoundation, AFNetworking, Facebook SDK, Twitter API

ChiWalking - ChiRunning


Follow the Stock Market in an uncomplicated and objective way. Add indexes/companies that you want to follow and that’s it!

Java ME, Java, LWUIT for S40, NAX, Networking ME, Google Analytics ME

Available on the Nokia Store


Follow real time exchange rates for the main currencies. Based on your local currency, the app displays the rates to other currencies. Pretty useful tool for investors or travellers.

Java ME, Java, LWUIT for S40, NAX, Networking ME, Google Analytics ME

Available on the Nokia Store


Share-in organizes and presents your photos by moment. A *moment* is an event that happens during a period of time and at given location. A "happy hour", a birthday party, a trip to the movies with friends and a romantic dinner are examples of moments. This organization allows you to easily share your photos with those friends who lived with you these moments.

iOS, Objective-C, AFNetworking, Dropbox SDK, Foursquare API, ALAssetsLibrary

Share-in - Ernandes Mourao Junior

Networking ME

Networking ME is a networking library for Java ME platform. It's built on top of Generic Connection Framework and other foundation technologies. It has a modular architecture with well-designed, feature-rich APIs that are easy to use.

Java ME, Java, HTTP, GCF

Project's Website


The best-selling runner’s book, Chi Running®, is now an iPhone app to help you run faster, easier, and injury-free. Created by ChiRunning founder, Danny Dreyer, this app is feature-laden with Chi Running video lessons, audio coaching, guided runs, and a built in metronome - tools for you to always run your best.

This app was developed for ChiRunning in partnership with Hand Eye Tech.

iOS, Objective-C, Core Location, AVFoundation, AFNetworking, Facebook SDK, Twitter API

ChiRunning - ChiRunning


Stay tuned on what is going on with the main stock markets in the world, straight from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Do not miss the chance to track closer, everything that happens to NASDAcreatorQ, Dow Jones, Ibovespa, IDX, IBEX, Nikkei, among others. In addition, you can still stay tuned on that company's situation, which you invested money on.

iOS, Objective-C, ASIHTTPRequest, Dropbox SDK, Facebook SDK, Twitter API

M-Stocks - Ernandes Mourao Junior


Marillion is known as the best kept-secret in the music industry. Now the secrets about the best band ever are reaching App Store and fans' devices around the world.

This app was developed in partnership with ekholabs.

iOS, Objective-C, ASIHTTPRequest, MediaPlayer, Twitter API, ekholabs Music API

Marillion (Unofficial app) - Ernandes Mourao Junior


TwAPIme is an open source Twitter client app powered by Twitter API ME project. The idea behind this app is to provide to this project's developers, one more channel of learning. Developers will be able to see and learn how the API's features are implemented in a real and professional app. End users are also welcome to enjoy TwAPIme.

Android, Java, Twitter API ME

Get it on Google Play


TwStreet collects, consolidates and displays tweets (Twitter messages) in real time, from people on the streets sharing what they find, on events in the traffic (e.g. traffic jam, accident, etc.). The goal is to help other people avoid some setbacks, and then arrive at their destinations faster.

Android, Java, Twitter API ME

Get it on Google Play


Soundtracker the first geosocial music service for smartphones and the web. Users can tune into the music their friends are listening to, find out where they're listening, and geo-tag songs to real world locations for other people to discover. They can also create and broadcast radio stations, download songs and share content with friends both on and off the Service through social networks.

This app was developed for Soundtracker.

Java ME, Java, LWUIT for S40, Nokia Maps API, Location API, MMAPI, Twitter API ME, Ad ME

Available on the Nokia Store

Twitter API ME

Twitter API ME is a compelling and well defined API for Java developers who wish to develop applications that provide any type of access to Twitter's services. The API provides support for the main and more popular services on Twitter, e.g., tweet searching and posting. Each provided functionality in turn is very straightforward to use, just like Twitter's philosophy itself.

Java ME, Android, RIM, Java, Twitter API, OAuth, XAuth, kXML, JSON

Project's Website

Google Analytics ME

Google Analytics ME is a compelling and well defined API for Java ME developers who wish to integrate their apps into Google Analytics. With this API, developers will be able to prepare their apps to send out useful data, about how users are interacting with them. Those data will be valuable to identify, e.g., audience and improvement points

Java ME, Java, Google Analytics API

Project's Website

Facebook API ME

Facebook API ME defines a compelling and well defined API for Java developers who wish to access Facebook's services. This project provides support for the main and more popular services, e.g., status posting, friends list, etc. More services are added as new versions are released. Facebook API ME is defined in such a way that developers will learn how to use it quickly. In addition, the API is structured to work regardless of the underlying Java platform (e.g. Java ME, Android and RIM), in order to make easier and quicker for the developers to port their applications to other platforms.

Java ME, RIM, Java, Facebook API, eSWT

Project's Website


AdME stands for Advertising Micro Edition. It is a mobile Java ME API that allows developers to integrate ad networks into their apps, in order to make some revenues. AdME has a very extensible design, which allows it to work with most ad network.

Java ME, Java, Inner-active API

Project's Website

User Interface ME

User Interface ME consists of a set of Fully Canvas UI components for Java ME platform, e.g., List, Form, Grouped List, Text Field, Calendar, Image Viewer, etc. All components are adaptable to any screen size and are totally customizable (e.g. font and color).

Java ME, Java, Canvas, MIDP

Project's Website