Terms of Use

The M-Stocks is an application that provides free access to information of Financial Market, i.e, the Stock Market (Quotes, Historical and Charts) and Foreign Exchange. The data presented originate from an open service by Yahoo! Finance website. This information, in turn, are not in real time and, in general, have a 10 to 15 minutes delay.

The M-Stocks application’s idea is to provide a faster, more intuitive and convenient way to access these data. The M-Stocks also offers some tools such as Portfolio Manager, for instance, that allow users to extract new information from these data.

Based on this, it is important to make it clear to users that the M-Stocks application disclaims any responsibility for the information of quotations, historical, charts and rates presented. We have no control over them; They are not stored on any server of ours; They come directly from Yahoo! Finance to the application; We have no guarantee on the stability of this service and even if this will be offered throughout the life cycle of M-Stocks application. Finally, Yahoo! Finance also has no obligation to us.

Our responsibility is only to try to keep the application always free from programming problems (bugs) or platform (iOS) and running on the most stable form, while it is available for download. Of course, whenever possible, improve it by introducing new features.

We also reserve the right to remove the M-Stocks application from any app store that it is available, without notice, at any time we find necessary and without any warranty period.

So by reading this "Terms of Use", you fully agree with what was stated above and can continue using the application normally. If you disagree, feel free to uninstall it or just not use it.

Last revision: 04/15/2014